How to Make, Button Knots

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Have you ever found a sweater or dress that you wanted to buy because it was very pretty or on sale but didn’t buy it simply because of the plain buttons? Or have you found a beautiful outfit but did not buy it because of the high price. If you think about it, very often what makes these outfits special are the trims. Covered buttons, embroidered buttons, fancy buttons can turn a plain blouse into a very dressy blouse. You can very easily turn a plain article of clothing into something very special with button knots. You have probably seen these in stores but you can custom make your own buttons with yarn, cotton thread or cording in a colour to match your outfit, or a contrast or two-tone colour.

I will show you two basic types, one is the Chinese button knot which is round like a little ball, and the other is a flat button. There are many types of button knots to choose from. I discovered these in a sailing knot book. If you want to see a very large selection, go to your local library and pick up a book on sailing knots. You will find instructions for a very large variety of knots, plaits and chains, all of which can easily be made from yarn or cording to create trims for clothing.

Work with three to five or more stands of yarn. Depending on the size of the button you wish, you can use lighter or heavier yarn and more or less strands. Follow the drawings for making the loops. Keep your loops large while you work and then gradually, pull the loops together to form the button. Tie the ends together, leaving enough yarn to attach your button to your garment.

Chinese Button Knot

Flat Button Knot

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