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Christmas Poinsettia Potholder
Free Crochet Pattern By KarensVariety.com

Materials: Makes 10 red petals, each about 1 1/4 inches wide and 3 inches long

String weight crochet thread used double throughout.
130 yards to make a flower about 6 inches across.
No. 5 or 6 steel crochet hook
10 yards each of green and of yellow thread.
2 yards of burnt orange thread.
4 yards of green for one medium sized leaf

 ch  chain
 st  stitch
 sl st  slip stitch
 sc  single crochet
 sk  skip
 lp  loop
 dc  double crochet
 r  ring

To begin, make a ch of 28 sts with red; sl st into a r, ch 1, turn and sc into 4 sts on r; ch 1, turn, and work 2 sc into each st of previous row. Always ch 1 to turn.

First Petal: Work 9 rows sc, increasing once in centre of third row to make 9 sc. In Row 11, sc to next to last st - this begins shaping petal with a decrease and a notch at edge. Continue these decreases at the far end of every row until a single st remains.

Petal Vein: With point of petal toward you and right side up, insert hook in last lp of this st from top and make a sl st over two rows. This begins a sort of chain stitch vein on top side of petal. The thread is held underneath petal and the hook and lp on top; run a line of sl st down the centre of each petal. At the base, draw last lp through to back and you are ready to begin a new petal.

Next Petal: Pick up 4 sts at back - two of them on petal just made and two on centre; continue with petal as before.

Work 10 petals in all; some may pick up only 1 st at back of previous petal, with 3 on the centre; others may pick up 3 sts on petal and 3 on centre. This will make interesting irregularity and some petals may be two sts wider if desired; others may be a bit narrower and also shorter. If many narrow petals are used, a few more than ten may be needed to go all around.

The centre is made in puff or popcorn stitch into the original centre ring with yellow, ch 3 to count as a dc, 3 yellow dc into same st, remove hook, insert it into first dc made, draw lp through, ch 1 with next colour, sk 2 or 3 sts on centre ring and work another such puff stitch with green. Continue in this manner, alternating colours until there are 5 puffs of each colour. With burnt orange, make about 10 or 12 sc inside the centre circle made by the puffs. Cut and tie all threads on the back.

A stem loop may be made for a hanger. Fasten green at one side between two red petals, ch 20; sc on next petal, sl st into next second st, turn and sc into each st of ch, sl st in first petal, cut and fasten thread.

Leaves of green may be added if desired. Make them like the red petals but two or three stitches wider.

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