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New Styles by Beehive
Vintage Knitting Patterns Book
PDF Reproduction

Beehive Series No. 34, c 1940s, 36 pages

Dresses, Suit, Twin set, pullover, cardigan sweaters, jacket, vest and tops to knit for women.
Bust sizes 32 - 42 noted below.

* Ballet - Dress (cover) (32-36)
* Minuet - Black Sweater (38-42)
* Waltz - Black Sweater (32-36)
* Tarantella - Blouse (32-36)
* Fandango - Blouse (32-36)
* Saraband - Blouse (32-36)
* Foxtrot - Blouse (32-36)
* Rhumba - Blouse (38-42)
* Gavotte - Blouse (32-36)
* Cotillon - Cardigan (38-42)
* Quadrille - Cardigan (38-42)
* Lancers - Twin Set (32-36)
* Strathspey - Jerkin and Skirt (32-36)
* Bolero - Dress (32-36)
* Pavanne - Suit (38-42)
* Tango - Dress and Jacket (32-36)
* Two Step - Sleeveless Pullover and Calot (32/34-36/38)
* Highland Fling - Plaid Pullover (32-36)
* Maxixe - Jacket (32-36)
* Maxurka _ Pullover (32-36)
* Swing - Skirt (32-36)
* Polka Sleeveless Pullover (32-36)

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You can access the pattern book easily from your computer by using the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this on your computer, it can be downloaded for free from their site at www.adobe.com. Download this pattern book now using Paypal. Use your credit card with a PayPal account no matter where in the world you live. Registering with Paypal is secure and free.

By purchasing this copy, you agree to use it for personal use only; no re-selling of any or all of the contents is permitted. To the best of my knowledge and belief, this material comes from a public domain source.