Fun Ways to use Pot Holders

Potholders were popular in the 1940’s and there are many vintage crochet books with patterns for these. They could be made with or without a thumb and were meant to protect your hand when holding a pot handle. The patterns came in many different colours and shapes and were crocheted with cotton thread. They were a very popular item for bazaars and gifts.

In modern times, most pots have handles which do not conduct heat and so potholders are not as popular.  Most kitchens have a set of oven mitts which are used to protect your hands when cooking or baking.

With a little imagination and creativity, pot holders can be transformed into lovely, useful gifts. With so many different varieties, you can create something custom made for any person or occasion. Use embroidery, sequins, ribbons and other trims to add to your “potholder”.

Make with yarn or thread, large or small.

* Line the potholder to make a change purse.
* Make a loop at the top to hang from a belt as a waist purse.
* Make a coiled handle for a purse (Click here to see how)
* Make it one-sided and sew on pockets, backs of shirts, backpacks, tote bags.
Around the House
* Use as sachet holders in any room of your home.
* Match your décor to hold small jewellery, tie clips.
* Hang in the bathroom to hold soaps or toiletries.
* Use in the kitchen to hold tea bags, spices.
* Coasters
Camping or Picnics
* Take on a picnic or camping; keep organized.
* Give as unique loot bag gifts at birthday parties.
* Stuff them to make toys.
* Children can carry toys and snacks when visiting or going to the babysitter.
* Instead of wrapping paper or gift bags, create a wrapping someone can keep.
* Use for small gifts or insert a gift card.
Holiday Decorating
* Match the holidays; Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter. Use holiday colours, metallic threads and have wonderful decorations, coasters.
* Having a dinner party?  Place one at each table setting with place cards on top.
* Give your diners a special gift.
* Insert your napkins into the pocket or wrap around your napkins with a ribbon.