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crochet, knitting, cross stitch, plastic canvas, tatting, embroidery, macrame, dolls, toys, sewing, crafts.

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Downloading E-Patterns

1. Many vintage patterns are available as downloads. Once you click Add to Cart, you may choose payment with Money Order or Paypal.  If you purchase using PayPal, you will receive a link to your download by email. If you choose Money Order, you will receive an email from me within 24 hours with full instructions for payment.

2. When you receive the email with the link to your download, simply click on the link. You will be asked if you wish to Open the file or Save it. Choose Save and Browse to find a location where it will be easy to find, a suggestion is My Documents. You will receive your pattern in PDF format. Once the download is complete, simply click on the file and it will open automatically with the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this on your computer, it can be downloaded for free from their site at www.adobe.com.

3. Before receiving your download, be sure your e-mail server is capable of receiving attachments. If you are unsure, ask your service provider. Sometimes virus checkers will not allow your to open an attachment, or strip attachments from your e-mail. You may have to adjust your settings.

4. You will need enough storage space on your server for your file. Empty your trash bin.

If you do not receive an email with your download link:

1. Spam filters can block the email. Please have a look in your email trash if you do not receive the download.

2. Instant downloads are automated. The automation program compares the email address and price.
   - If you have one email address in your order form and use a different email address with Paypal, this confuses the automation as it can not tell that you have paid.
   - If you add shipping cost to downloads, again this confuses the automation.

3. Paypay confirms payment before the link is sent. Sometimes there is a delay, be patient.

4. If you have ordered patterns to be mailed and download patterns together, the links will not be sent. I will send manually.