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Vintage Patterns Books PDF Download

REPRODUCTIONS of original knitting crochet needlework pattern books.
Instant digital download in PDF format with no shipping cost.

You can access the book easily from your computer by using the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this on your computer, it can be downloaded for free from their site at  www.adobe.com
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Chair Sets

Smart Chair Sets Crochet
Coats & Clark No. 309
1954  $6.00

Chair Sets & Runners Crochet
Spool No. 181
1942 $6.00

Chair Sets Crochet
Spool No. 242
1948 $6.00

Tatting & Crochet Chair Sets
Spool No. 229
1948 $7.00

Chair Sets and Runners Crochet
Spool No. 261
1949 $6.00

Home Decor

Smart Decorative
Crochet Accessories
Bucilla No. 122
1938  $6.00

Quick Tricks in Crochet
Coats No. 13
1950  $6.00

Crochet Favorites Old and New
Coats No. 104
1959  $6.00

Old Favorites Crochet
Coats No. 223

Contemporary Crochet
Throughout the Home
Coats and Clark No. 508
1954   $7.00

Crochet County Fair Crochet
Lily No. 51
1950  $6.00

New Look in Crochet
Bazaar and Fair Winners
Lily No. 72
1954  $6.00

Cutwork Crochet
Lily No. 81
1957  $6.00

Crochet House
Lily No. 1000
1941  $7.00

Crochet For Your Home
Spool No. 26
1954  $6.00

Favorite Designs
Spool No. 205
1944  $7.00

Dress Up Your Home
Spool No. 212

Old and New Favorites
By Special Request
Spool No. 238

Hand 'n Hook Hobbies
Spool No. 279
1951  $5.00

Beautify Your Home
Spool No. 380
Crochet & Knit

Treasure Chest of Crochet
Star No. 45
1946  $6.00

Television and Radio Scarfs
Crochet Motifs
Star No. 78
1950  $6.00

Gay and Gifty
Crochet Ideas
Star No. 80
1951  $6.00

Puritan Crochet Book
Star No. 100
1953  $6.00


Pillow Cases
Coats No. 11
1950  $7.00

Linen Closet Crochet
Coats No. 277
1951  $6.00


Bathroom Beauties
Spool No. 265
1950  $6.00

Kitchen Crochet
Coats & Clark No. 304
1954  $6.00