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Baby Shoes
Free Sewing Pattern by KarensVariety.com

Size: Newborn
Notions: Pencil, Ruler, Scissors, Paper for patterns, Tracing paper, Dressmaker carbon paper, Pen, Sewing needle, Straight pins, 2 Velcro dots, Sewing thread
Materials: Lightweight cotton and lining fabric, 13 x 15 inch piece of each.
Interfacing  or batting 5 x 6 inch piece for quilting soles

Sew soft baby shoes with quilted soles and ankle straps from cotton fabric. Use pastel or bright colours, prints or plain and decorate with applique or embroidery. Make several to match different outfits and occasions. Lovely for gifts.

Enlarge the shoe pattern by copying on paper ruled in 1/2 inch squares, completing the half patterns (long dash lines). The short lines on the sole indicate quilting lines.

To cut pieces, place patterns on the wrong side of fabric with carbon paper in between and transfer the pattern by going over the lines with a dry ball point pen. But out the pieces, adding 3/8 inch all around for seam allowance.

Cut two uppers and two soles from both the fabric and lining. Transfer the quilting lines to the right side of the fabric soles. Cut two 1 1/4 x 7 inch strips from the fabric for ankle straps. Cut two soles from interfacing (or batting).

Pin the fabric and lining uppers together, right sides facing. Stitch along the edge between the large dots as shown in Figure 1. Trim the seam allowance and clip curves. Open the upper piece out flat so that the fabric and lining pieces are facing in opposite directions. With the right sides facing, stitch the toe dart and back seam of each piece separately.

Place the fabric and lining sole pieces together, right sides out and with interfacing or batting in between. topstitch 3/8 inches from edge all around, through all layers. Following the quilting lines, stitch through all layers to quilt the sole. With right sides together, pin the sole to the sole edge of the fabric side, matching the X on the sole to the back seam of upper, the Y on sole to toe dart and stitch.

With the right sides of the lining and upper together, stitch across the open edge of the back tab. Turn the lining so that the wrong sides of the lining and upper are together, making sure to turn out the front and back tabs. Turn under the remaining seam allowance of the lining and slip-stitch to the lining side of the sole. Turn the shoe right side out. Fold 1 inch of strong strap tab to the inside of the shoe and tack to the lining. Fold 5/8 inch of back tab to the inside of the shoe and tack to the lining.

Ankle Strap:
Fold the long edges of the fabric strip 1/4 inches to wrong side. Fold the strip in half lengthwise to make the strap 3/8 inches wide. Slip-stitch the open long edges closed. Tuck in raw edges at both ends and slip-stitch closed. Sew a Velcro button to one end. Pass the strap through the front and back tabs so that the strap will attach on the outside of the ankle. Sew the other piece of the Velcro dot to the shoe side.

Decorate plain fabric with applique or embroidery if desired.

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