Elephant Stuffed Toy

Free Sewing Pattern by KarensVariety.com

Materials: Felt or other material which does not unravel.
Beads or craft eyes.
Cotton batting.
Crochet cotton or sewing thread.
Sewing needle.

Make this elephant toy as big or as small as you want simply by enlarging or reducing the pattern sheet before you print. Try different colour schemes; gray elephant with black stitching, red saddle and eyes.

Cut two of each piece, body, ears and saddle. You may either sew together and turn inside out or if using felt, sew with overcast stitches in contrasting colour. Stuff with cotton batting before final stitching. Sew ears to each side of head where indicated and sew saddle on each side. Sew eyes on each side of head.

Make in different colours, embroider a child’s name on the saddle and and you have a toy for a loot bag or stocking stuffer.

Try adding to the elephant to make a circus elephant. Stitch a ribbon around the head and insert feathers, dangling jewels (an old earring). Add fringe to the saddle. Be creative and you will have a decorative item rather than a toy.

When putting on eyes or other decorations, remember not to give to a young child as a toy, as they can choke on small parts.


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