Knitted Collar

Free Knitting Pattern

Materials: 2 No. 14 double pointed knitting needles
No. 30 cotton thread
sts  stitches
 k  knit
 p  purl
 O  yarn over
 tog  together
 sl  slip
 ps  picots
 sc  single crochet
 ch  chain
Size: Finished width 2 3/4 inches wide which includes a crochet edge.

To begin, cast on 20 sts. K the first 3 rows.

Row 4: K 6, (O, k 2 tog) 6 times, k 1, O, k 1. Cast on 6 sts at end of this row.

Rows 5, 7, 9, 11: K these rows.

Row 6: K 7, k 2 tog, (k 1, k 2 tog) 5 times, k 2, O, k 1.

Row 8: K 19, O twice, K 2 tog, O, k 1.

Row 10: K 6, (O twice, k 2 tog), 6 times, k 5, O, k 1.

Row 12: K 7, k 2 tog, (k 1, k 2 tog) 5 times, k 3, O twice, k 2 tog, O, k 2.

Row 13: K 21, turn work at this point to shape neck and k the 14th Row: Sl last k st in row 13 to right hand needle, k 20 sts.

Row 15: Bind off 7 sts loosely, p 20.

Repeat pattern, beginning with row 4 for desired length.

With a number 11 crochet hook, work an edge of 3 sc, ch 3, p in last sc, continue around collar. At each point, work 3 ps in same center st.


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