Ladies Hat


Free Knitting Pattern

Materials: No. 2 knitting needles.
3 oz double knitting yarn
 K  knit
 P  purl
 st(s)  stitch(es)
 tog  together

Using wool double, cast on 65 sts.

Knit 8 rows.

Proceed in fancy slip stitch pattern as follows:

Row 1: * P 1, keeping wool at front of needle slip 1 purlwise, repeat from * to last st, P 1.

Row 2: * P 1, K 1, repeat from * to last st, P 1.

Row 3: * K 1, P 1, repeat from * to last st, K 1.

Row 4: P.

Work these 4 rows 3 times more, then Rows 1 to 3 inclusive once.

Next Row: P 3, (P 2 tog, P 6) 7 times, P 2 tog, P 4 (57 sts)

Next Row: P 3, (P 2 tog, P 2) 13 times, P 2 (44 sts)

K 16 rows.

Cast off.

MAKE UP: Press lightly, using a warm iron and damp cloth. Using a flat seam, taking care to reverse seam for fold-up, join seam. Fold over garter stitch at top of hat and stitch down cast-off edge on right side. Press seam.


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