Rug Afghan Runner

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Materials: Medium weight rug yarn, or worsted yarn for an afghan.
Single colour or combination.
Size 7 or 8 knitting needles.
Size: About 20 x 30 inches
 k  knit
 p  purl
 sts  stitches

This pattern will make a rug using rug yarn, or an afghan using worsted yarn. Make it all one colour or use different colours. It can be made wider or longer. The border gives a checkerboard effect. If you wish, you can make the entire article in the checkerboard pattern. Fringe may be added if you wish.

Cast on 66 sts (or more if you wish it wider).

Row 1: (k 3, p 3) 11 times. Repeat this row three times.

Row 5: (p 3, k 3) 11 times. Repeat this row three times.

Repeat these 8 rows once.

Row 17: k 3, p 3, k 3, (k 3, p 3) 8 times, p 3, k 3, p 3. Repeat this row three times.

Alternate Rows 5 through 8 and Rows 1 through 4 to make checkerboard and stripe center, until the desired length. Finish with border by working Rows 1 through 12 to make it like the beginning of the rug. Add fringe if desired.


Wind yarn 5 times around a 5 inch card and cut at one end. Double these 10 inch strands to make a loop. Insert a large size crochet hook up from underneath between stitches on one end of the rug and draw the loop through. Pull loose ends through loop and draw knot tight. Make a fringe between rows of stitches across both ends. Trim fringe evenly.


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