Pouch Bag

Free Crochet Pattern
by KarensVariety.com

Materials: Size 5 crochet hook
2 skeins knitting worsted yarn
One 10-inch zipper
 ch  chain
 st(s)  stitch(es)
 sl st  slip stitch
 sc  single crochet
 dc  double crochet
Gauge: 14 dc = 3 inches.
8 rows – 3 inches.

Ch 71, 1 dc in 3rd st from hook and in each remaining st (70 dc, including turning ch).

2nd Row: (wrong side) Ch 2, turn, working from the front, work 1 dc around post of 2nd dc on row below and around post of each dc across row, end 1 dc in top of turning ch.

3rd Row: Ch 2, turn, 1 dc in 2nd and each remaining st, end 1 dc in top of turning ch (70 dc, including turning ch).

Repeat last 2 rows until 18 inches from beginning (48 rows), end with 2nd row.

Fasten off.

Cuff: Working from right side, work 1 sl st on end of each row on one long side (48 sl sts). Ch 1, turn, 1 sc in each st. Repeat last row 9 times, end on right side.

Turning row: Ch 3, turn, 1 dc in back thread of each sc, end 2 dc in back thread of last sc (50 sts, including turning ch).

Repeat 2nd and 3rd rows of pattern for 5 rows, end with 2nd row. Ch 1, turn, 1 sc in each st. Fasten off

Turn over cuff on last sc row before pattern, work 1 row sc in front thread of sc row at top of cuff, working from right side. Work cuff on opposite long side in same way.

Finishing: Fold bag in half with cuff ends for top of bag. Join sides with 1 row sc, working through both edges on right side, leaving edges of cuff free. Sew cuff seams. Line cuff with stiff band of double crinoline covered with rayon taffeta; line pouch with taffeta only, cutting it the same size as bag. Sew in zipper.


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