Shoulder Bag

Free Sewing Pattern

Size: Enlarge pattern to the size you require
Materials: One yard 45″ fabric
20″ fabric for pocket lining
7″ zipper for pocket
3 yards fold-over trim
thread to match trim

Here is an easy to sew shoulder bag with an inner pocket with or without a zipper. The bag can be made in your choice of fabric with matching or contrast fold-over trim. Wear it over your shoulder; the purse section tucks neatly under your arm.

Enlarge the pattern to the size you require.
Place on folded fabric and cut four pieces.
Cut two pocket pieces from fabric or lining.
Mark the position for the pocket on one piece.
Apply the zipper using exposed application
(zipper is exposed)
Attach the top of the pockets to zipper tape, then sew together.
Sew each of the two main pieces at the shoulder seam and press the seams open.
With wrong sides together, sew 1/4″ from edge of inner curve (armhole).
Position the trim over the armhole edge curve and sew.

Overlap the front and back section to form the bag.
Baste the outer edge to prevent shifting.
Baste the trim around the outer edge and sew.


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