Tube Scarf on Two Needles

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Materials: Ideal Needle Sizes:
No. 9 for 2-ply yarn
No. 8 for 3-ply yarn
No. 7 for 4-ply yarn
No. 5 for double knitting
 sts  stitches
 k  knit
 tog  together

This pattern is for a tube scarf, however, there are general instructions for tubular knitting which you can adapt to create anything you wish in tube knitting.

Tubular Knitting:
Easy to knit on one row.

Cast on double the number of stitches required for the finished width.
eg. if you are working at a tension of 8 sts to the inch in stocking stitch (3 ply on a size 11 needle), you would need 80 sts for a 10 inch width in ordinary stocking stitch; therefore would case on 160 sts for tubular knitting.

Cast on an even number of sts.

1st and every row: * K 1, bring wool to front, slip 1 purlwise, take wool to back; repeat from * all across row.

For a light-weight scarf in 2 ply, use No. 9 needles.
Cast on 160 sts.
Work in tubular knitting for 46 ins.
Cast off, knitting 2 tog all across row.
Fringe ends.


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