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Novelty Fair
Beehive Patons Colour Series No. 14

Bazaar Novelties and Gifts
Beehive Patons No. 115

Toys and Novelties
Beehive Patons No. 141

Beehive Bazaar
Beehive Patons No. 412

Gift Time
Beehive Patons No. 425
Christmas Seasonal Projects
Knit & Crochet
Beehive Patons No. 634
1999  $4.00

Rug Yarn Quickies
Coats and Clark No. 161
1965   $5.00
Odds ‘n Ends to Knit and Crochet
Leisure Arts No. 99
1977   $4.00
Great Gifts to Knit and Crochet
Leisure Arts No. 192
1981   $4.00
Gifts Galore
Patons No. 273
1986   $6.00

Doilies / Edgings

Elegant Edgings
Crochet Knit Tatted
Coats and Clark Book No. 189

Priscilla Doilies
Crochet Knit Tatted Hairpin Lace
Coats and Clark Book No. 197

A Book of Edgings
Crochet Knit Tatted
Coats and Clark Book No. 305
1989  $5.00


Home Accessories

Beehive Colour Series No. 2

Beehive No. 422
Old & New Favorites
Coats & Clark Book No. 205
1976  $6.00
Tablecloths & Bedspreads
Coats & Clark Book No. 217
1972  $5.00
Denim Days
Coats & Clark Book No. 0125
2001  $4.00

Pillow Talk
Lady Galt No. 1013
1972  $5.00

How to / Instructions

Learn How Book A
Knitting Crochet Tatting Embroidery
J & P Coats Book No. 170-B
Revised Edition
1975  $5.00

Learn How Book B
Knitting Crochet Tatting Embroidery
J & P Coats Book No. 170-B
Revised Edition
1975  $5.00

Basic Needlecraft Stitches
1974  $5.00

 The Complete Needlecraft Encyclopedia
Knitting, Crocheting, Tatting, Rug Hooking, Hairpin Lace, Needlepoint, Embroidery, Crewel, Macrame
King No. 602

Karens Variety, Free Patterns

Articles Free Christmas Patterns

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Karens Variety Home Page

Crochet – Baby
2-tone Baby Afghan
Baby Booties
Baby Outfit Sz 1 & 2
Baby Sandals
Baby Shawl
Lacy Baby Afghan
Valentine Heart Apron Sz 1Crochet – Bed & Table Linens
Buffet or Table Runner
Daisy Luncheon Set
Glass Jacket
Lacy Placemat in 4 Colours
Large & Small Points & Picots Doily
Large Table Doily
Liberty Shell Motif for Tablecloth
Pillow Case Edge
Placemat Doily & Coaster
Placemat with Flowers
Rose Insertion Filet Crochet
Rose Runner Filet Crochet
Roses for Pillowslips (PDF)
Ruffled Placemat and Napkin
Sturdy Openwork Placemats
Table Doilies

Crochet – Children
Ballerina Pipe Cleaner Doll
Colourful Stuffed Toy
Doll Blanket
Doll Brooch for a Girl

Crochet – Doilies
Diamond Doily
Doily in Crochet Tatting
Eleven Point Shell Doily
Lacy Doily
Lacy Leaf Doily
Ruffled Doily
Square & Rectangle Doily Set

Crochet – Edging
Hairpin Lace & Crochet Edging
Heart Edging
Lace & Crochet Edging
Ribbon Edging
Rick-Rack Braid
Scalloped Edging
Tatted Motif & Crochet Edging

Crochet – Fashion
Beginner Belt
Cap with Popcorn Edge
Carnation Flower
Chain Stitch and Pearl Jewelry
Clutch Bag
Cloche Hat
Daisy Slides
Drawstring Bag
Flower Earrings or Buttons
Hat with Brim
Head Scarf
Heart Earrings
Jacket from Squares
Lace Flower
Ladies Hat (Knit & Crochet)
Round Change Purse
Shell Stitch Scarf
Shell Stitch Stole
Silver & Gold Belt
Vest for Ladies
Vest for Women
Ribbon Collar and Cuffs
Woolly Slippers

Crochet – Home Accessories
Bluebell Sachet
Bunny Pot Holder or Hot Plate Mat
Bunny and Rooster Egg Warmers
Cross Bookmark
Curtain Tieback
Decorative Cup and Saucer
Dish Cloth
Filet Dishcloth or Potholder
Flower Coaster Crochet Pattern
Flower Hot Plate Mat
Granny Squares Afghan
Hanging Basket
Lacy Placemat
Loop Stitch Rug
Pillow (PDF)
Patchwork Squares
Rooster Applique
Shade Pull
Shell Stitch Afghan
Tray or Table Doily

Crochet – Motifs
Golden Crown Flower Motif
Rickrack & Crochet Motif
Rose & Leaf Square
Round Lacey Motif
Snowball Motif
Snowflake Motif
Star Flower Motif
Wedding Ring Motif

Cross Stitch, Embroidery
Cutwork Rose
Decorate with Scallops
Flower Spray
Pheasant Hunt
Rose Cushion
Rose Cushion 2
Violets & Ribbon Bow
Knitting – Baby
Baby Beret Sz 12 months
Baby Blanket
Baby Cardigan
Baby Jacket
Baby Outfit 6 mos & 1 yr
Long Baby Sweater
Reversible Baby Blanket
Baby Shawl
Baby Soaker & Detachable Bib
Baby Sweater
Wrap Baby SweaterKnitting – Bed & Table Linens
Versatile Knitting StitchKnitting – Children
Balaclava for Children
Children’s Cable Mittens (1-4)
Child’s Seamless Mittens (4-8)
Child’s Cabled Cardigan Sweater (2-6 years)
Child’s Sweater (2 years)
Child’s Sweater (2-8 years)
Child’s Toque (8 years)
Girl’s Bolero (Sz 6-8)
Girl’s Bonnet
Girl’s Hat (Sz 4 & 6)
Girl’s Embroidered Hood
Girl’s Pullover Top (Sz 2)
Ponytail Cap

Knitting – Edgings & Insertions
Handkerchief Edging
Lace Edging
Lacy Edging

Knitting – Fashion
Angora Slippers
Ascot Scarf
Blouse in Pattern Bust 32-36
Blouse with Cap Sleeves & Collar Bust 32-36
Blouse Sleeveless Print Sz 12-16
Easy Beginner Slippers
Easy Slippers
Hat & Wrist Warmers
Heart Toque
Heelless Socks for Men or Women
Herringbone Lace Stole
Hooded Scarf
Lacey Stole
Ladies Hat (Knit & Crochet)
Scarf Easy to Knit
Shoe Liners
Shoulder Handbag
Shrug Bolero
Stocking Cap – Sizes S M L
Sweater Bust 33-38
Turtleneck Dickey
V-Neck Vest  34-38
Vest in Four Designs
Wrap Sweater Vest

Knitting – Home Accessories
Multi Coloured Afghan
Create with Patchwork Motifs
Decorative Cushion
Dish Cloth
Hanger Covers
Tea Cozy

Cute Bug Brooch or Decoration
Puppy Dog Purse, Pillow or Pajama Bag
Circle Flowers Kids Crafts
Fabric Flowers
Easy Spice Braid
Bear Baby Quilt to Paint or Appliques
Double Irish Chain Quilt
Pineapple Quilt
Ascot Scarf
Baby Kimono Housecoat
Bear Baby Quilt to Paint or Appliques
Bonnet for Girls
Bunny Bib Applique
Bunny Stuffed Toy
Baby Shoes
Child Swimsuit Coverup
Cobbler Apron with Pockets
Daisy Table Setting
Easy to Sew Toy Animals
Fabric & Felt Doll
Felt Teddy Bear
Gift Card or Invitation Keepsake Envelope
Little Characters Soft Toys
Pot Holder
Puppy Pillow
Reversible Vest
Scalloped Yoke
Shoe Bag
Shoulder Bag
Soft Toys – Dog, Cat, Bunny
Stuffed Dog
Sunhat for Baby or Child
Teardrop Tote Bag
Turtle Pajama Bag
Valentine Trinket & Lipstick Holder
Waking / Sleeping Doll
Earrings from Buttons
Flower Applique Motif
Flower Motif
Hair Barrette
Handkerchief Edging
Handkerchief Edging with Tatting & Lace
Heart Motif
Hexagon Motif
Tatted Brooch
Tatted Doily
Tatted Edge
Tatted Edge 2
Tatted Motif & Crochet Edging
Tatted Motif
Tatting in Squares
Twisted Stitch Motif
Wild Rose Doily
Woven Bells

Christmas Star Quilt

Free Pattern By

Sew a star quilt for Christmas from blocks using your choice of colours. For a quilt measuring about 91 x 105 inches, with 11 blocks across and 13 strips up and down, alternate 72 pieced blocks with 71 plain blocks of the same size and add a double border (two strips, cut about 4 inches wide) all around. Assemble the block in strips, then sew the strips together with 1/4 inch seams.

Cotton Ball Lamb Kids Craft


Article by

Materials: One sheet cardboard
Marking Pen
Package of cotton balls
Children’s glue

This cute lamb is an easy craft for young children to make using white cotton balls or purchased pom poms in any colour. Make your lamb large or small as you wish.

Print the lamb and paste onto cardboard. You can use the graph lines to resize larger if you wish. Cut out the lamb shape. This is the adult’s role. If you make a smaller lamb, use smaller cotton balls or cut them in half, or use purchased small pom poms in white or other colours as you wish.

Now give cotton balls or pom poms and children’s glue to a child and have him or her put a dab of glue onto the lamb and stick on a cotton ball until the lamb is covered. You can leave the eyes and nose black or glue on purchased eyes or button or pom pom eyes and nose. Tie a ribbon or glue a bow around the neck. Add sprinkles if you wish.


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Baby Jacket


Free Knitting Pattern

Materials: No. 2 and No. 3 knitting needles
No. 7 crochet hook for crochet trim
3 150-yd balls Lily soft Spun Yarn in white
1 skein each of pink, light pink and green embroidery floss.
4 small pearl buttons
Size: 6 months to 1 year
Gauge: Using number 3 needles.
7 sts equal one inch.
9 rows equal one inch.
 k  knit
 p  purl
 sts  stitches
 dec  decrease
 inc  increase
 lp  loop
 sc  single crochet
 ch  chain
 p  picot
 garter st  k every row

There is no shoulder seam in this jacket. Knit with crochet edge and embroidery.

Back: With white, cast on 60 sts on No. 2 needles. K 4 ribs of garter st. Change to No. 3 needles and k in stockinette st for 7 1/2 inches; always k the 2 sts at each end of needle in garter st. Bind off 4 sts at each end of needle, and dec at end of needle on the next 4 rows (48 sts on needle). K in stockinette without dec for 3 1/2 inches. Do not make garter sts at ends of these rows. K 32 sts and place on stitch holder or safety pin.

Right Shoulder: Dec on the right side at the neck edge twice on the next 4 rows, k in stockinette for 4 rows.

Front: Inc 4 times on the next 4 k rows at the neck edge. Cast on 4 sts at the front and k 13 rows straight. Inc 3 times at sleeve edge on the next 4 rows; then cast on 4 sts at the same sleeve or underarm edge. K in stockinette st with garter st edge for underarm seam, the same length as back. Pick up sts along the front edge. Work 4 ribs of garter st across bottom and along front edge; inc before and after the corner st in each row for a mitered corner. Bind off on wrong side. It may be easier to use 3 needles when working the garter st band.

Work the other front in the same way, leaving the back neck sts on holder. Then when the fronts are done, pick up 52 sts around neck, including bands, fronts and back. K two ribs of garter st, bind off on wrong side.

Contrasting Trim: Begin at top left corner, sc around neck to right top corner. Now work buttonhole lps as follows:

Work 2 sc in corner st, ch 2, (sk 1 st, sc in each of next 4 sts, ch 2) 3 times, sk 1 st, * sc in each of next 3 sts, ch 3, repeat from * around entire jacket to point where buttonholes begin on opposite or right edge. Sc to beginning. Fasten off.

Sleeves: Pick up 22 sts at the center of the shoulder, turn, p across and pick up 2 more sts, turn, k across and pick up 2 sts, continue picking up 2 additional sts at each turn until the last 6 or 8 sts on each side under the arm which should be picked up at one time (52 sts). Work in stockinette st for 6 1/2 inches to wrist edge – (always k the 2 sts at each end of needle in garter st). Dec on both sides every inch 5 times. Dec evenly at wrist edge 7 times (35 sts remaining). On No. 2 needles, k 4 ribs on garter st and bind off on the wrong side.

Crochet the pink trim around bottom of sleeves the same as around jacket edge.

Embroider the design following chart in duplicate st on each front of sweater. Start the pattern 4 sts in from the border and 5 rows above the lower border of jacket.

Fasten off all ends neatly. Block carefully before sewing seams. Sew buttons in place.


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