How to Sew a Roly Poly Baby Toy

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Materials: Sturdy cotton material
Cotton batting
Crochet cotton or sewing thread
Embroidery thread (optional)
Sewing needle
Baby Ball (optional)

Your baby will love a colourful roly poly toy. You can sew a cover over a ball or stuff it with batting. Place jingle bells inside. Choose sturdy fabric in different colours. Keep in mind that babies put everything in their mouth so the fabric should be not be fluffy and should be prewashed and colour safe. Baby skin is very sensitive so a sturdy cotton material would work well.

To make your own pattern for any size, draw a circle on paper the size you wish with a width in multiples of 2. Fold in half and then in half again to find the centre. Measure 2 or more¬† inches on either side of the centre (depending on how big you wish your sections to be). Then draw curves from top to bottom passing through these points. Cut in half. Each will be one section of your ball.¬† For example, if you wish a ball 10 inches across (or 20 inches around), you will need 10 – 2″ sections.

Sew the sections together by machine or by hand, leaving one side open. Stuff with batting or insert a baby ball.

Cut a smaller circle from flesh coloured fabric. Draw a basting thread an inch inside the outer edge around, draw up around a ball of cotton batting, and fasten. Sew securely to the top of the ball.

Use felt for hands and feet. Stuff a roll of felt for short legs. Make a cone shaped felt piece for a hat and sew to the top of the head. Cut circles or felt for eyes, a nose and mouth and sew to the head, or embroider the face. Use small pom pons for hair. Use pinking shears to cut a circle for the collar; draw a basting thread inside the outer edge, draw up and sew to the bottom of the head and top of the body. This gives additional security to the head being firmly attached.


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