Clothing Accessories

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Afghans Basketry, Looms, Quilting, Sewing Bedspreads, Tablecloths Clothing – Accessories Clothes, Sweaters
for Baby and Children
Clothing, Sweaters for
Family, Men, Women
Doilies Dolls, Toys Edgings, Insertions Filet Crochet
Hats, Mittens, Gloves
Socks, Slippers
Home Decor, Linens Learn How to
Beginner Instructions
Pineapple Potholders
Rugs  Tatting Themes Variety, Novelties,

Clothing Accessories – Crochet

Jack Frost Vol. 48
1945  $8.00

New Accessories
Spool  No. 5
1049  $7.00

Hats, Scarves and Accessories
Spool  No. 192
1943  $6.00

Fascinating Toppers
Spool  No. 208
1944  $5.00

Spool  No. 221
1945  $6.00

Clothing Accessories – Knitting

Accessories for Men, Women & Children
Spool No. 290
1952  $5.00

Clothing Accessories – Crochet & Knitting

For Restful Living
Beehive Series No. 49
Knitting and Crochet

Beehive Series No. 55
Knitting and Crochet

Hats and Accessories
Beehive Series No. 70
Knitting and Crochet

Hats and Scarves
Beehive No. 74
Knitting and Crochet

Hats and Bags
Coats No. 310
Knitting and Crochet
1957  $5.00

Accessories Book
Patons No. 215
Knitting and Crochet

Crocheted and Knitted Bags
Spool No. 57
Knitting and Crochet
1935  $8.00

Lacey Pickups
Spool  No. 195
Crochet (2 Knit)
1943  $7.00

Festive Stoles and Blouses
Spool No. 296
Knitting and Crochet
1952  $6.00

Stoles, Capes, Shorties
Vol 35
Knitting and Crochet
1956 $8.00

Clothing Accessories – Crochet & Sewing

Personal Accessories
Spool No. 392
Crochet & Sewing
1943  $8.00